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    Understanding the Demands of Building your Faith David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo (Jnr)

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    Understanding the Demands of Building your Faith David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo (Jnr)  Wednesday 03/5/2017

    Faith is a growing force, and it is a living force  Romans 10:17
    Jeremiah 33:3 this that grow your faith Baden captured on the alter of prayer .
    Hebrews:12 Let us labour to enter into that rest. It takes labour to enter the realm of faith. We will understand things that build our faith

    How to build faith

    1. Faith grows by hearing and understanding the word of God
    by revelation. Proverb 4:20
    The raw material for development of faith is Gods word, Acts 14:8

    Hearing Gods words bring About Entrance of faith, our faith I'd built by the word we hear, we have heard people come to the church, after hearing the word they receive.
    Our growth in faith is at the mercy of our hearing, however I comes by our understanding , Colossians 3:16. It is our understanding of Gods word that allows it to developed our faith  supernaturally.

    It is vital to understanding what we hear (Like the Ethiopian Enoch)
    One light can end your fight, one light can end your night, weeping endues for night but joy comes in the morning.

    2. Faith grow by meditating on the word- meditation is spiritual digestion of the word.

    Prayer- may the grace to meditate be made available to Us in Jesus name. Psalms 119:100, Psalms 1:1

    (The act of meditation is a necessity) so many readers but very few meditator's, and is only via mediation that our faith can be adequately triggered.

    Whatever sinks into your spiritual man can never be taken from you.
    1Timothy 4:15, Joshua 1:8 The acts of meditation is what brings about our manifestation.

    Understanding the Demands of Building your Faith David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo (Jnr)

    Question What is Meditation? (According to scriptures)

    1. Pondering on Gods word, Philippians 4:8
    2. Joshua 1:8 Thou shall meditate day and night. Holding Gods word. Don't let's content leave you, your spirit continue brooding one word. Let something be occupied in your mind. The word of God is so loaded that if broken down can level any mountain.

    3. By praying in the Holly Ghost Jude 1:20, praying in the spirit, you can learn about God by reading but you van only God by praying.
    Only those who know there God shall do exploit. Ephesians 1:17
    you cannot have revelation without the revealer revealing it o you. Is only when you know God that you can believe God

    There is power praying in the spirit, at this realm no one can understand, having intimate connection and conversation deepens your understanding of God.
    Prayer. This month that you may enter deeper dimensions of God
    (The act of praying is the act of Knowing)

    i, May the grace of praying become part of our life in Jesus name.
    ii, From today nothing will steal your prayer time in Jesus Name.

    Matthew 17:20 How be it this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting.

    Understanding the Demands of Building your Faith David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo (Jnr)

    This month, we must be serious about knowing God.

    Prayer. Thank you to the word, I receive grace to meditate in your word and in prayer, in Jesus Name.

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