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    Breakthrough Night: Operating in the supernatural- By Bishop Oyedepo

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Breakthrough Night: Operating in the supernatural- By Bishop Oyedepo

    Breakthrough Night Operating in the supernatural-  By Bishop Oyedepo Friday June 09, 2017 3rd day of Spiritual Emphasis for June.

    Isaiah 58:12, whatever have held you, by this 3rd day, you are delivered tonight.

     Breakthrough Night:  Operating in the supernatural-  By Bishop Oyedepo

    Operating in the supernatural. You can't be sleeping, its time to stay awake. Your level of command will be awakened.

    Requirements 2.

    The power of the Word. We looked at number 1 yesterday which is The Holy Ghost.

     Breakthrough Night:  Operating in the supernatural-  By Bishop Oyedepo June 09, 2017

    You are redeemed to work in the supernatural, its not an ambition. You are redeemed to be a living prove.
    Unto us a child is born, Isaiah 9:6, that son is Jesus. The word wonderful is, full of wonders. The content of the Bible is made of wonders not Letters. As his name is, so is he. The loving word, wonderful, full of wonders. Don't approach the bible as letters, but as wonders. Genesis 1, Isaiah 36:4 every word is commanded by him, you can be sure of your tomorrow by engaging the mysteries of scriptures. Romans 8:30, you are a child destiny and not a child of uncertainty. Every word of scripture is for whoever, no special person, Romans 10:12, No Jew or Gently. When Jesus said it is written. In Matthew 4:10 the devil fled. "There is nothing in the devil to upset your destiny," he is full of deception, all power has been given to God.  Satan you have no power, we need to get to this level.
    Exodus 4:20 the rod was Gods instrument in Mosses hand Exodus 4:17, Isaiah 11:1 , Revelation 5:6 Jesus is the living rod of God. " Yeea! I can never be poor" signs are confirmations of the rod (Word of Gos) in your hand.

    Prayer- Every Rod of the wicked feasting in your life, tormenting and frustrating you are destroyed in Jesus name.
    What are the rod that work in your life?
    The word of  God is a wonder emitting force. Deuteronomy 7:14, non shall be barren among you,
    1.No animal is permitted to reproduce without you receiving your own fruitfulness, you are God priority, In Jesus name be fruitful ( Amen)
    2.Whatever have been stolen from you is declared restored tonight (Amen)
    No one has ever been disappointed by the word.

     Breakthrough Night:  Operating in the supernatural-  By Bishop Oyedepo June 09, 2017

    Characteristic  of the word
    Gods word is indestructible, no situation on earth can render the word of God of no effect, Matthew 24:35, Isaiah 55:11 , the word shall not return void. The word is always alive, that is what makes it rule over all. The content of the book, puts you in command of the natural supernaturally.
    2. Gods word is creative, Gods word is able to recreate everything, Genesis 1:2 when God created the earth, he began to recreate it. Gods word is eternally recreative.
    Another example of Lazarus, John 11:4 believe in the creative power of God. Your understanding of his word recreate your life.

    3. 1Peter 1:3 Gods Seed is a living Seed, and every living seed reproduces itself. You can tell what tomorrow holds by the seed of the word of God you have received and believed. Genesis 8:22. Proverbs 4:18, it shine more and more and more.
    Every word you receive and believe in truth, you are empowered to become. Our problem today is blindness to the truth. Luke 8:44,  Breakthrough Night:  Operating in the supernatural-  By Bishop Oyedepo

    Your harvest is sure, this is the greatest seed, the word of God. Gods word is reproductive, it has power to reproduce in you.
    4. Gods word is prophetic, 2 Peter 1:19, his word is absolutely prophetic.  Speaks to your generation yet unborn. It will forever deliver its mission to everyone who believes it. It has unlimited capacity confirm Gods to you. Any word you receive, is "Thus saith the lord to you" . Mark 13:34, every prophecy of scripture belongs to whosoever believes, it is answerable, commutes God to confirm. Isaiah 54:17 , Ezekiel 37, God too Elijah to the valley of dry bones. And he said prophecy upon this bone, when you engage prophetic scripture, it address Animate and Inanimate things.

     Isaiah 37:7 , verse 9 prophecy into the air, thus saith the lord
    Prayer - The lord is saying tonight, say this" I am coming out of every grave tonight" Pray for some time ...
    Prayer -Every thing that constitute a grave in your life, you are coming out tonight in Jesus name.

    There are people tonight tonight, you have been mocked, but I speak to you tonight, you are changing position, into the realm of define supply, I declared your supernatural retardation tonight, in Jesus name.

    The deeper your insight the higher you level of command. Gods word carried breakthrough virtues. It has unlimited capacity, luke 5:7, arise and shine your light has come Isaiah 60:8, no more setback in your life, whatever he tells you to do, do it. Every word he sends your way is ordained to trigger you. Luke 5:4 at the commandment of God, the fishes were running into the net. God word is the mother of all breakthroughs. Matthew 6:13 is the Winners Church family Scripture. It is written on Winners Church Aircraft, M632. The harvest is not ripe, it is over ripe, run with this understanding.

    June 09, 2017

      Operating in the supernatural-  By Bishop Oyedepo
    Prayer - You are about to be located, favour will locate you, and your enthronement awaits you.

    Make sure this coming Sunday, you Invest anything you can to bring people  to church .

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