• Thursday, 8 June 2017

    Operating in the supernatural by engaging the Holy Ghost- message by Bishop David Oyedepo

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Topic - Operating in the supernatural by engaging the Holy Ghost. 

    Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Second Day of Week of Spiritual Emphasis, June, 08 2017.

    Gods plan for us this month is to work in the supernatural in the  naturally, with the empowerment of the holy Ghost. Is one thing to receive miracles and another to demonstrate it. John 6:68, we try in Living Faith Church to make sure everyone works in command of the supernatural. Even if you put a Charged phone on a phone that is not recharged it can't charge the uncharted.
    Say this " I am getting to the other side". The supernatural is simply the finger of God, the mighty and outstretched hand of God.
    Operating in the supernatural by engaging the holy Ghost.
    Joel 2:28, ... I will show wonders on the earth. The Holy Ghost is the Commander of the supernatural on earth. Don't look at Living Faith Church speaking in tongues and say what are this people saying, we are speaking your life. You can't be in this church and not speak in the Holy Ghost. Until Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit, he was still seen as the carpenters Son. Our body is dead without the spirit.

    Of is the spirit that quikenet, the body profiteth nothing. Genesis 1:2, in the beginning, God created the earth, the Spirit was upon the water, and in Ephesians 5:6 ... By the washing... You can't operated effectively without engaging the Holy Ghost because he is the grand commander.

    Luke 1:34-38, The Angel said tho Mary, the Holy Ghost shall over power thee... For with God nothing shall be impossible. The breath of God that turned the clay into a living being is in you! Jesus returned in the power of the Holy Spirit and erupted in the supernatural. Following the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, Acts 10:38, went about doing good, but he was anointed with the Holy Ghost.

    Operating in the supernatural by engaging the holy Ghost.
    When you are drunk in the Holyghost the end must come to your sorrow. Some won't be baptized because ey are too big. Take every instruction of God serious, don't go and baptized yourself, even Jesus gave himself up to be baptized. We must desire to increase in the anointing operating innour life. The more anointing you have the more your level of supernatural authority. Ezekel 47:7

    One of the gifts of the Holy Ghost is the gift of working of miracles, 1 Corinthians 12:10. You cannot operate in the supernatural without the gift. Prayer : Lord I receive it.
    He enhances our access to the deep things of God and emboldens us. Acts 4:31, ... They spake the word of God with boldness, and great power and great manifestation. Nothing provokes faith like Insight, by virtues of faith, you become unusually bold.. Speaking boldly, confidence built on inside. Everyone needs raw fire, when the Holy Ghost erupts you, you begins to do the unstoppable.

    Everybody needs the Holy ghost, until the spirit is  poured on us, then the wildernesses can becomes a fruitful field, Isaiah 15. Mather 3:11 Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy ghost. If you ever mistake charismatic with anointing you wasting your time. If you believe as you hear this word, Jesus is the Baptizer and in the Name of Jesus, receive the Baptism of the Holy ghost in Jesus name! AMEN!

    Hope today's message by Bishop David Oyedepo has blessed your life? Topic: Operating in the supernatural by engaging the holy Ghost. 
    Ministering Bishop David Oyedepo, founder and President, Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel, located at Canaan Land Ota, Lagos/Ogun Nigeria. 
    DateJune 08, 2017.

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