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    Joyce Meyer's Daily 14 August 2017 Devotional: Wisdom is Calling

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    Joyce Meyer's Daily 14 August 2017 Devotional

    Topic: Wisdom is Calling

    by Joyce Meyer - posted August 14, 2017

    Wisdom cries aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the markets.
    - Proverbs 1:20
    Joyce Meyer's Daily 14 August 2017 Devotional

    Joyce Meyer's Daily 14 August 2017 Devotional

    God wants us to use wisdom, and according to today's scripture, wis¬dom is not difficult to obtain; the Holy Spirit wants to reveal it to us; we simply need to pay attention. For example, have you ever needed to make a decision and had your "head" (your intellectual abilities) try to lead you one way while your heart is leading you another? Have you ever had a situation in which your natural thoughts and feelings seemed to be guiding you in one direction, but something inside of you kept nagging you to go another direction?

    Chances are, wisdom is crying out to you. One way to love yourself is to listen to it and obey. Many times, it cries out in your heart that you should or should not do a certain thing—you should eat healthily, you should be kind to other people, you should not spend money you do not have.

    Joyce Meyer's Daily 14 August 2017 Devotional

     These are all practical examples of using wisdom in everyday life. When you sense such leadings, the Holy Spirit, who speaks to your heart, is trying to help you make a wise decision, even though it may not be the choice you want to make or it may not seem to make sense in your present circumstances.

    The Spirit wars against our flesh, and vice versa (see Gal. 5:17). When we know the wise choice and don't make it, the reason is often that we are allowing our flesh to lead us and to see if we can get away with unwise decisions—which are also known as "foolishness." The flesh leads us to foolishness, but God wants us to walk in wisdom and make choices now that we will be happy with later.

    Love Yourself Today What is wisdom saying to you today? Are you willing to follow it?

     Joyce Meyer's Daily 14 August 2017 Devotional

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