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    Billy Graham Daily Devotional September 3, 2017- The Responsibility of Discipleship

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Billy Graham Daily Devotional

    Topic: The Responsibility of Discipleship

    Scripture: Even while we were still there with you we gave you this rule: 'He who does not work shall not eat.'
    —2 Thessalonians 3:10 (TLB)
    Billy Graham Daily Devotional

    Billy Graham Daily Devotional

    One of the Christian’s responsibilities in following Christ is to have a new attitude toward work. So many young people want Christ without responsibility. Jesus was not a drop-out. As a carpenter, He worked hard with His hands.

    The Apostle Paul made tents for a living while he carried on the work that God assigned him. Whatever work a Christian does is done unto the Lord. He should do his best at whatever his trade or vocation. He should be faithful, clean, and honest.

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    Prayer for the day
    Thank You for teaching us that work is a blessing, Lord Jesus.

     Billy Graham Daily Devotional

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