• Wednesday, 6 September 2017

    Bishop Oyedepo September 6, 2017 Sermon - Exploring the secrets of Supernatural Breakthrough.

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Winners Church Midweek 6 September, 2017

    Exploring the  secrets of Supernatural Breakthrough.

    Supernatural breakthrough is my birthright. MATTHEW 11:12, the violent taketh it by force, the woman with issues of blood got it by violence of faith. Take violent steps of faith including taking our supernatural birthright in Christ. Deuteronomy 29:29.
    Revelation is a value added virtues. Every revelation you receive adds value to your life. It's important we value revelation.
    Genesis 13:14, until you see it, God can't give it. When you see it spiritually and believe it you get it.

    Exploring the  secrets of Supernatural Breakthrough.

     Time invested in seeking what God is saying is a time wisely invested. You can't see it and doubt it. Every revelation you truly catch you reinforced it. 1 Corinthians 2:10. Access to divine secrete empowers the believer to become Isaiah 60:2, V22, the light of scriptures has capacity to make a nation. It can turn a man to ten thousand in one. 1 Samuel 18:7, 2 Samuel 18:3 not everyone you see in the street is 1 person, some are ten thousand. This is triggered by revelation.

    Exploring the secretes of spiritual Breakthrough

    Empowerment of the Spirit:
    Christ was empowered, Luke 4:14 and his fame spread. His revolutionary early ministry began by the empowerment. The disciples were empowered, Isaiah 59:19 it takes empowered to crush the supernatural. Many struggle because the enemy is standing on there part.
    You need to be empowered. Everybody need supernatural empowerment to keep the enemy at bay. Joel 2:28. The anointing is for every believe that desire empowerment in life.

    2 Corinthians 4:4 the wicked wants to blind the eyes of people. Blocking our access to the light of the Word is the greatest attack of the enemy. Now some of this kind goweth both but by prayer and fasting.

    I cannot be poor, it took 3 days of searching! I said No, I must find it, and on the 3rd day it came and I shouted "Yeeee! I can never be poor" Daniel 11:32. When you encountered revelation, when you decide to enter into it. Now the word enters into you, and you enter into it. 2 Chronicles 15:15, they entered a convenant with God and there was no war until 20 years. You are leaving this service as a revolutionary, in Jesus name.

    Why are many things package people not manifesting!?
    The enemy,
    Prayer- Any hindrance of the enemy in your life is crushed in Jesus name.

    Matthew 13:28, an enemy has done this.
    Isaiah 45:1-3 now listed to this, the anointing has capacity to open any gate.
    Exploring the  secrets of Supernatural Breakthrough therefore in the name of Jesus, any gate that is open for you will remain open in Jesus name! By the anointing we confirm it by the word. The anointing puts us in command.

    Vital mysteries of the anointing

    He leads his people to breakthrough Romans 8:14, we are led in our adventures in life. Isaiah 48:1, the leading of God always results to gushing out of breakthroughs.

    Prophesy - You won't miss out of your breakthrough in life!

    Let's look at Abraham, he was led. You can't be frustrated when God leads you Psalms 23:6 one wrong step can wrecked a destiny- You won't take such steps in life. Anyone led by God commands breakthroughs without sweat Mark 16:10 . Breakthrough holders are led by God. No matter how anointed a man is a wrong steps is costly.

    Prayer- May you not be found where God is not, in Jesus name
    You need to be anointed to walk out of the flesh.

    Declare - One wrong step God forbid!! ( Repeat 3X)

    Breakthrough is always a product of divine guidance. The anointing helps you to access the deep thing's of God that why we need to remain empowered. If Bishop Oyedepo did not hear God, Living Faith Church well not have been here.
    Empowerment is a requirement of accessing the deep things of God.

    God first, any other thing second. New birth is the foundation of new things in life. !Matthew 5:14, you are the light of the world
    You need to surrender your life to Jesus. Make this decision now to command breakthroughs. You also need to rededicated your life, there is no partial Christianity.
    Jesus is Lord.

    Living faith 2017 Declaration

    My case is different, because I am the redeemed of the lord, and as a covenant child, what affects others is not permitted to affect me. Congratulations!! 

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