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    In Touch Ministries Devotional, TOPIC:- No Condemnation in Christ By Dr Charles Stanley

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    In Touch Ministries Devotional

    TOPIC No Condemnation in Christ

    Verse for today

    Mark 16:5-7Contemporary English Version (CEV)

    5 The women went into the tomb, and on the right side they saw a young man in a white robe sitting there. They were alarmed.

    6 The man said, “Don’t be alarmed! You are looking for Jesus from Nazareth, who was nailed to a cross. God has raised him to life, and he isn’t here. You can see the place where they put his body.

    7 Now go and tell his disciples, and especially Peter, that he will go ahead of you to Galilee. You will see him there, just as he told you.”

    Peter was devastated when he realized he’d denied Christ not once but three times, as Jesus had foretold (Luke 22:61-62). This was the man who just hours earlier had bravely vowed to die for his Lord

    (Luke 22:33. Luke 22:33
    Contemporary English Version (CEV) 
    33 Peter said, “Lord, I am ready to go with you to jail and even to die with you.” 

     I doubt he ever forgot the horror of such utter failure. He probably spent the next few days suffocating under a weight of guilt.

    In Touch Ministries Devotional

    In Touch Ministries Devotional,  TOPIC:- No Condemnation in Christ By Dr Charles Stanley

    Maybe you know exactly how heavy that burden feels. The weight of your sin goes everywhere with you, dragging your heart into a pit of despair. God’s disfavor seems to bear down on you. In a word, you feel condemned. However, for all who have trusted in Jesus’ atoning death on their behalf, the feeling of condemnation is just that—a feeling. It isn’t the truth. In Touch Ministries Devotional

    The fact is that believers are not condemned for iniquity, no matter how terrible or habitual their transgression may be (Rom. 8:1). Condemnation is reserved for the unbeliever, who is declared guilty of sin and punished (John 3:36). We may judge ourselves harshly because our actions and motives fall short of a holy standard. But when God looks at the Christian, He sees only the righteousness of Christ, which clothes us the moment we say yes to the Savior’s sacrifice on our behalf. No one can do enough good to merit his own salvation. Jesus alone removes the believer’s sin and guilty verdict. In Touch Ministries Devotional

    God understands our heart’s burdens, even self-inflicted ones. In Touch Ministries Devotional, That’s why the Lord sent Peter a message: The disciple needed to know Jesus had risen—conquering sin and death—and was waiting in Galilee (Mark 16:7). God’s hope is for all believers to understand there is no condemnation in Christ.

    Bible in One Year: Micah 1-4

     Micah 1-4Contemporary English Version (CEV)

    1 I am Micah from Moresheth.[a] And this is the message about Samaria and Jerusalem[b] that the Lord gave to me when Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah[c] were the kings of Judah.
    Judgment on Samaria

    Listen, all of you!
    Earth and everything on it,
        pay close attention.
    The Lord God accuses you
        from his holy temple.[d]
    And he will come down
    to crush underfoot
        every pagan altar.
    Mountains will melt
    beneath his feet
        like wax beside a fire.
    Valleys will vanish like water
        rushing down a ravine.
    This will happen because of
    the terrible sins of Israel,
        the descendants of Jacob.
    Samaria has led Israel to sin,
    and pagan altars at Jerusalem
        have made Judah sin.

    So the Lord will leave Samaria
        in ruins—
    merely an empty field
        where vineyards are planted.
    He will scatter its stones
        and destroy its foundations.
    Samaria’s idols will be smashed,
        and the wages
    of temple prostitutes[e]
        will be destroyed by fire.
    Silver and gold from those idols
    will then be used
    by foreigners
        as payment for prostitutes.
    Judah Is Doomed

    In Touch Ministries Devotional

    Because of this tragedy,[f]
        I go barefoot and naked.
    My crying and weeping
    sound like howling wolves
        or ostriches.
    The nation is fatally wounded.
    Judah is doomed.
        Jerusalem will fall.

    Don’t tell it in Gath!
        Don’t even cry.
    Instead, roll in the dust
        at Beth-Leaphrah.[g]
    Depart naked and ashamed,
        you people of Shaphir.[h]
    The town of Bethezel[i] mourns
    because no one from Zaanan[j]
        went out to help.[k]
    Everyone in Maroth[l]
        hoped for the best,
    but the Lord sent disaster
        down on Jerusalem.

    Get the war chariots ready,
        you people of Lachish.[m]
    You led Jerusalem into sin,
        just as Israel did.[n]
    Now you will have to give
    a going-away gift[o]
        to Moresheth.[p]
    Israel’s kings will discover
    that they cannot trust
        the town of Achzib.[q]

    15 [
    In Touch Ministries Devotional ] 
    People of Mareshah,[r]
    the Lord will send someone
        to capture your town.
    Then Israel’s glorious king
    will be forced to hide
        in Adullam Cave.[s]
    Judah, shave your head
    as bald as a buzzard
        and start mourning.
    Your precious children[t]
    will be dragged off
        to a foreign country.
    Punishment for Those Who Abuse Their Power

    2 Doomed! You’re doomed!

    At night you lie in bed,
        making evil plans.
    And when morning comes,
    you do what you’ve planned
        because you have the power.
    You grab any field or house
        that you want;
    you cheat families
        out of homes and land.

    But here is what the Lord says:
    “I am planning trouble for you.
    Your necks will be caught
        in a noose,
    and you will be disgraced
        in this time of disaster.”

    When that happens,
    this sorrowful song
        will be sung about you:
    “Ruined! Completely ruined!
    The Lord has taken our land
        and given it to traitors.”[u]
    And so you will never again
    own property
        among the Lord’s people.

    “Enough of your preaching!”
        That’s what you tell me.
    “We won’t be disgraced,
        so stop preaching!”

    Descendants of Jacob,
        is it right for you to claim
    that the Lord did what he did
        because he was angry?
    Doesn’t he always bless
        those who do right?
    My people, you have even stolen
        clothes right off the backs
    of your unsuspecting soldiers
        returning home from battle.
    You take over lovely homes
    that belong to the women
        of my nation.
    Then you cheat their children
    out of the inheritance
        that comes from the Lord.[v]

    Get out of here, you crooks!
        You’ll find no rest here.
    You’re not fit to belong
    to the Lord’s people,
        and you will be destroyed.[w]
    The only prophet you want
    is a liar who will say,
        “Drink and get drunk!”
    A Promise of Hope

    I, the Lord, promise
        to bring together
    the people of Israel
        who have survived.
    I will gather them,
        just as a shepherd
    brings sheep together,
        and there will be many.
    I will break down the gate
    and lead them out—
        then I will be their king.
    Evil Rulers and Lying Prophets

    3 Listen to me,
        you rulers of Israel!
    You know right from wrong,
    but you prefer to do evil
        instead of what is right.
    You skin my people alive.
    You strip off their flesh,
        break their bones,
        cook it all in a pot,
        and gulp it down.

    Someday you will beg the Lord
        to help you,
    but he will turn away
        because of your sins.

    You lying prophets promise
    security for anyone
        who gives you food,
    but disaster for anyone
        who refuses to feed you.
    Here is what the Lord says
        to you prophets:
    “You will live in the dark,
    far from the sight of the sun,
        with no message from me.
    You prophets and fortunetellers
    will all be disgraced,
        with no message from me.”

    But the Lord has filled me
        with power and his Spirit.
    I have been given the courage
        to speak about justice
    and to tell you people of Israel
        that you have sinned. [
    In Touch Ministries Devotional ]

    So listen to my message,
        you rulers of Israel!
    You hate justice
        and twist the truth.
    You make cruelty and murder
        a way of life in Jerusalem.
    You leaders accept bribes
        for dishonest decisions.
    You priests and prophets
    teach and preach,
        but only for money.

    Then you say,
    “The Lord is on our side.
        No harm will come to us.”
    And so, because of you,
    Jerusalem will be plowed under
        and left in ruins.
    Thorns will cover the mountain
        where the temple now stands.
    Peace and Prosperity

    4 In the future, the mountain
    with the Lord’s temple
        will be the highest of all.
    It will reach above the hills,
    and every nation
        will rush to it. [

    In Touch Ministries Devotional ]
    People of many nations
        will come and say,
    “Let’s go up to the mountain
    of the Lord God of Jacob
        and worship in his temple.”

    The Lord will teach us his Law
    from Jerusalem,
        and we will obey him.
    He will settle arguments
    between distant
        and powerful nations.
    They will pound their swords
    and their spears
        into rakes and shovels;
    they will never again make war
        or attack one another.
    Everyone will find rest
    beneath their own fig trees
        or grape vines,
    and they will live in peace.
    This is a solemn promise
        of the Lord All-Powerful.

    Others may follow their gods,
    but we will always follow
        the Lord our God.
    The Lord Will Lead His People Home

    The Lord said:
    At that time
        I will gather my people—
    the lame and the outcasts,
    and all into whose lives
        I have brought sorrow.
    Then the lame and the outcasts
    will belong to my people
        and become a strong nation.
    I, the Lord, will rule them
        from Mount Zion forever.
    Mount Zion in Jerusalem,
    guardian of my people,
        you will rule again.

    [ In Touch Ministries Devotional ]
    Jerusalem, why are you crying?
    Don’t you have a king?
        Have your advisors gone?
    Are you suffering
        like a woman in childbirth?
    Keep on groaning with pain,
        you people of Jerusalem!
    If you escape from your city
        to the countryside,
    you will still be taken
        as prisoners to Babylonia.
    But later I will rescue you
        from your enemies.

    Zion, because of your sins
    you are surrounded
        by many nations who say,
    “We can hardly wait
        to see you disgraced.”[x]
    But they don’t know
        that I, the Lord,
    have gathered them here
        to grind them like grain.

    In Touch Ministries Devotional

    Smash them to pieces, Zion!
    I’ll let you be like a bull
        with iron horns
        and bronze hoofs.
    Crush those nations
    and bring their wealth to me,
        the Lord of the earth.

    In Touch Ministries Devotional,

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