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    The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG - How do we know winners?

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

     The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG - How do we know winners?

    How do we know winners?

    1. The winning side is a singing and dancing side 1 Samuel 18:6, Exodus 15 , I want to say to somebody today, on  your way home, there will be singing and dancing in Jesus Name. From now on, you will be dancing. When you have a dog for instance, My dog, when i return, the Dog dance round me, it says I know you are my owner. When you dance, you say to the Almighty God, you are my owner, you wont care what the world say. 2 Samuel 6:14-22, David Danced before the arch of the Covenant. He dance just like the ordinary Man, such that his wife begin to complain- don't you know you are a King? He said I am dancing before my King, who took the kingdom before your father and handed it over to me. The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG  He told the world, you have not seen anything yet, I am going to keep dancing. When you talk of winners, David qualify to be among them, He was a singer and dancer. When he wrote Psalms 23, he was saying, because i acknowledge God as my owner, my victory is such that even if my enemies are not dead, they are paralyzed.

    The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG

    The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG - How do we know winners? 

    Prayer: Father, tonight, put a new song in my mouth, and give me something to dance about. Give me something to dance about all the days of my life. I am a winner i need to dance and sing Amen, So shall it be in Jesus Name

    2. The Winning side, is always shouting and clapping Psalms 47:1 Clap your hands oh ye people, shout with a voice of triumph. V3 the reason why you should be shouting and dancing, He said he will subdue the nations under you, it took just one shout, to take down the wall of Jericho! One of my children who preached yesterday, said if you want to win, you need to have understanding. If you read revelations 9:6 it talks about what is going on in heaven, I heard a voice of great multitudes as many waters, saying Hallelujah for the Lord omnipotent  reigneth. I said it before, if you don't like noise, don't go to heaven because heavens full of noise, and the people in heaven who where making this noise are Winners, they were saying is because the omnipotent, the one who have all powers  reigneth. The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG - They were shouting because of the one who gave them victory. I can tell you of people who won shouting. Remember the woman who vomited all she ate, despite all test they found nothing wrong with her, she came to one of our programs, all we said was everybody should shout Hallelujah, as she tried to shout, a worm came out, this was not detected in an X-Ray, but it came out, I am decreeing to someone here, anything that is not of God, that has been hibernating in your body, is gone now in Jesus name.

    What is the meaning of Clapping
    i. You are full of Joy- Isaiah 55:12 you shall go forth with Joy, you shall be led forth with peace, peace means the war is over. Mountain shall breed forth with singing and the tress clap their hands. When they are rejoicing with you, even the Trees will be clapping there hands. I just want to explain to you something about clapping, Bible scholars who really know the Bible, I am always afraid of them, but occasionally, they say something that I like. One said clap your hands oh ye nations of the earth, when they study the Bible deeply, they discovered  that God is saying put your enemies between your two hands and Jam the enemy together! now you understand. You can see that is the way some people clap there hands that tells the enemy they don't want victory! Next time you hear clap your hand, know what it means. - The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG

    ii. Another meaning to clapping, i told you long ago, one day the fingers look at the birds singing, they said we too will want to sing, but no matter how they wave no sound came, but by accident two fingers discover if they cooperate they can produce some sound, the two hands held a meeting, let one finger cooperate with my hand, so one  finger hit the hand, two fingers made better sound, 4 fingers joined and gave a better sound, then all finger join and there was a great sound. So the meaning of clapping is that you are saying to God that you will corporate with him.

    Prayer- This prayer is base on Shouting and Clapping. Father I will cooperate with you oh lord, and I will be shouting unto you, let my enemies hear a noise from heaven, as i clap, as I shout, let my enemies hear a noise from heaven, thank you Jesus in Jesus Name.

    The bible ask us to cast out demons, you are to take the offensive and not defensive. I get letters from my children that the enemy is not allowing them to rest, it should be the other way round, you are a conqueror,  you cant loose. The devil will only threaten you  brethren he can't do anything. Remember when we got to this Redeem Camp in 1983, I look up and saw fire on a tree in front of my office, I said OK! maybe one of this boys set fire on the Trees. The following morning I discovered that there was no fire on the Tree, i was astonished because I know what I saw. So I spoke to our senior carpenter, pastor Goke, He said daddy, we were afraid to tell you, we have been hearing noise under the tress, so I called the young ones, this tree goes down today, we were cutting suddenly all the villagers gathered, "don't torch that tree, is a tree you must never cut" we said what will happen, they said it will stand again, and as it stand those who cut will fall dead. I said cut the tree because my God is on the throne. We cut the tree and those who cut it are now elders in the RCCG Church.

    Prayer - Father, in the name of Jesus, every evil tree in my family, send down fire and consume them all. All those trees harbouring evil forces its your duty to pull them down. Every evil tree, wherever they may be, in my home, place of work, every evil tree, send down fire from heaven and consume them tonight. Thank you father in Jesus mighty name we pray.

    Every Evil tree in your life, will not see tomorrow morning in Jesus name
    There is someone tonight, He said I have never failed before, he said i will not let your case tarnish my image, the lord said there is someone tonight, the poor call you poor, He said very soon, the rich will call you rich. Thank you daddy, the Lord said there is someone tonight, when they ask you, when are you sending invitation, tell them very soon Amen

    4. Winners are Always persistent to the end. A saying, quitters don't win, winners don't quit. True winners, never stop at almost successful. David has already killed Goliath with the stone, but he was not satisfied, not only must Goliath die, he must not resurrect, that's why He cut off his Head. The problems that God will solve in your life, will never rise again. Winners don't just want to be healed, they want to be whole. They don't want to just have there debt paid, they want a situation they will never owe. 2 Kings 1 -7 The widow not only paid here debt, she had enough. Everyone of you tonight, when they talk about debt, you will say I don't know what it is all about Amen! Winners don't want to be just fruitful they want to be very fruitful. Hanna did not want to Just  a child, she got  five more. I already told the Almighty God before I am 80 years old, when our children are having their own convention, the auditorium will not contain the children alone. Those trusting God for the fruit of the womb, decide how many you want today- The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG

    Winners are tenacious, [ holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold  ] they want total victory, they just keep on pressing on until the victory comes. God I wont let you go unless you bless  me. I will keep pressing until you answer me in Jesus Name Amen

    The Winning Side By E.A. Adeboye RCCG

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