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    3O October, 2017 Joseph Prince Daily Devotional - God’s Grace Uproots Wrong Beliefs

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    2017 Joseph Prince Daily Devotional - God’s Grace Uproots Wrong Beliefs Joseph Prince thought for today

    TOPIC- God’s Grace Uproots Wrong Beliefs

    I met a lady at a conference where I was speaking. I wish you could have seen Kate for yourself. She
    was a confident and attractive young lady, with a face radiant and glowing. So I couldn’t believe it
    when she revealed to me that she had been delivered from more than four years of alcohol addiction!
    She had been a corporate highflier, but the stress of work and the strain of maintaining her success
    and image drove her to consume at least one liter of alcohol a day as a means of escape. Before long,
    keeping up with the high-octane demands of her career became a constant struggle. Coupled with the
    self-imposed pressure to keep her veneer of success intact, this struggle pushed her deep into

    3O October, 2017 Joseph Prince Daily Devotional

    One thing led to another, and soon, besides being addicted to alcohol, Kate became dependent on a
    cocktail of strong antidepressants, tranquilizers, beta-blockers, and sleeping pills. She shared that she
    tried everything to beat the bottle. She made appointments with psychiatrists and psychologists, and
    even faithfully attended support groups for alcoholics. Through these endless appointments and
    meetings she experienced what she calls “a few bouts of recovery,” but they only lasted several days
    at best. [ Find Answer to the Christian Faith, Join the Christian Forum]

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     One day, Kate’s husband decided to take her on a holiday. This filled her with even more anxiety
    because she didn’t know how she was going to get her secret alcohol “fix” while traveling with herhusband. Now, she had tried over and over again to quit drinking and was all too familiar with how the withdrawal symptoms had defeated her every time. Her hands would tremble and shake so vigorously
    that she couldn’t even hold a spoon to feed herself. She would feel faint and break out in a cold sweat
    and would constantly throw up and not be able to keep any food down.
    All these symptoms would disappear with a drink or two, so she would sneak off to buy alcohol
    when she was supposed to be at the gym and guzzle hard liquor in secret when her husband was at

    To the rest of the world, Kate appeared to have it all together. But she knew. She knew that she was
    trapped in the prison of alcoholism and there was no way out of this vicious cycle of defeat.
    So after repeatedly trying to overcome her addiction without success, Kate was on the verge of
    giving up. But God had other plans. He led her to one of the leaders in my church who taught her to
    immerse herself in the Word and to keep praying in the Spirit. As she kept listening to my messages
    on God’s grace, God began uprooting the wrong beliefs that had taken hold in her mind and replacing
    them with right beliefs.
    When it was time for her to leave for the holiday, even though she was filled with trepidation and
    almost backed out of the trip at the last minute, she decided that she would go. She asked the Lord to
    help her keep her eyes on Him instead of trying to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. She was
    determined to enjoy her time with her husband and to give thanks to Jesus for every blessing, no
    matter how small.

    Kate told me that throughout the trip, she just kept resting, praying in the Spirit, and listening
    continually to my messages on her iPod. To her amazement, she didn’t suffer any symptoms. And you
    know what? It has been more than two years since that trip, and she has never taken another drop of
    alcohol. Hallelujah!
    She admitted that while the thought of having a drink does come to her once in a while, she
    believes that God has given her the strength to resist the temptation. And by His grace, she knows that she will never give in to the bottle again!

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    My friend, in a supernatural instant, four long and treacherous years of addiction to alcohol
    disappeared for Kate. She didn’t know it then, but God was freeing her from her addiction (and much
    more) by filling her with the Spirit as she looked away from her problem and kept her eyes on Jesus.
    She also shared how she had discovered recently that the answer to her drinking problem was in God’s
    Word all this time: “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the
    Spirit” (Eph. 5:18).

    I applaud this young lady for having the courage to share her powerful story with me. I pray that
    her testimony will encourage, inspire, and give you hope.

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