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    Catholic Daily Devotional October 17, 2017

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Catholic Daily Devotional October 17, 2017


    Scripture Reading: Luke 2: 34

    St. Peter Julian Eymard says, “if I love Jesus, I ought to resemble him. If I love Jesus, I ought to love what he loves, what he prefers to all else: humility.”The Christian life basically remains a call to a more intimate imitation of Jesus who s our leader.

    Catholic Daily Devotional October 17, 2017

    We are called and are expected to be imitators of Jesus who was prophesied to be a sign of contradiction. And indeed was he not a sign a contradiction? In a time when vengeance was prize as a godly act, He wound call the merciful blessed and proclaim forgiveness an ideal for the godly. In a generation when pursuit for wealth and material possessions are ideal for relevance, He would insist that only true relevance can be required by the meek, lowly and poor in the spirit.

    Yes, He preferred suffering for truth than escaping same through falsehood. Beloved in Christ, this is the same mission He has passed onto those who must be reckoned as His followers. We too are called to be signs of contradiction to this age of sin and perversion. The demands of heaven are certainly of contradiction to the standards of the world to the extent of pronouncing oneself a Christian invariably will necessarily mean and imply that one lead and imply that one leads a life that contradicts the standard of the world.

    No wonder St. Pope Paul 11 advised thus: “ … Christians young and old, the essential is certainly that, in the world as it is the Lord’s disciple should be channels of God’s salvific action, by being ceaselessly purified, enlightened and comforted by frequently approaching the God of tenderness and piety” We must always remember the truth, “the closer one becomes to God the more detached one becomes to the things of the world.

    This is largely as a result of a realization of the nothingness of the world. Since God never change, His demand and standards remain what they are from the beginning, modernization notwithstanding .

    Prayer Points :
    1.       Pray for the grace to stand against the contrary tides against your faith.
    2.       Pray for conversion and conviction for all sacred ministers of the church.

    Meditation: Romans 12: 2

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