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    Joseph Prince Devotional October 26, 2017- Topic: WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS POWERFUL

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Joseph Prince Devotional October 26, 2017  From [ The Power of right believing ]

    TOPIC- WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS POWERFUL - Joseph Prince Devotional

    What you believe is powerful. If you can change what you believe, you can change your life! I have
    met many precious people who keep struggling to control their behaviors and actions. No matter how
    hard they try and how much effort, time, and resources they throw into the fight, like a beaten boxer
    they end up returning to their corners, their bodies defeated, morale crushed, and confidence shattered
    —trapped once again in guilt, fear, and addictions that simply refuse to go away.

    Then the bell rings for the next round. The fight continues, and they unleash everything they have
    against their adversary. Left, right. Left, right. It seems like they are making progress. But then their
    opponent starts landing head shots, and each blow comes loaded with poisonous, condemning

    Joseph Prince Devotional

    Joseph Prince Devotional

    Who do you think you are? Have you forgotten all those mistakes you’ve made?
    Things will never get better. You should just accept your lot.
    It’s not going to work—you are just going to fail again!
    Nobody loves you. You are all alone. [ Joseph Prince Devotional]

    I’ve seen these deceptive tactics used too many times by the adversary. I’ve seen too many people
    try to move out from under the shadow of their past or break free from their addictions, only to end up
    succumbing to these lies about themselves, their identity, and their destiny.
    That’s the power of wrong believing.

    Wrong believing puts people in a prison. Even though there are no physical shackles, wrong
    believing causes its inmates to behave as though they were incarcerated in a maximum-security
    penitentiary. They march inexorably to their dank cells of addictions. They allow themselves to be led
    into dungeons of destructive behaviors. They have convinced themselves never to dream of a better
    place, believing that they have no choice but to live in despair, frustration, and defeat.

    Right believing, on the other hand, is a light that illuminates the path to freedom out of this prison

    Wrong believing puts people in a prison. Right believing is a light that illuminates the path
    to freedom out of this prison.

    Joseph Prince Devotional

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