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    Joseph Prince Devotional : Teachings from - The Power of Right Believing

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    Joseph Prince Devotional October 24, 2017

    Teachings from - The Power of Right Believing


    During the last two decades, I have had the privilege of ministering to precious people from all walks
    of life. I have had the honor of meeting people in my congregation and at conferences around the
    world and hearing their stories. I can see them in my mind’s eye even as I write.
    Some of them brimmed with the exuberance that came with their release from condemnation.
    Others held back tears of gratefulness as they recounted addictions that had once shackled them with
    shame and the inability to do anything positive with their lives. For those whom I didn’t get to meet in
    person, their letters and emails to me told their stories. Stories of liberation from a life of anxiety and
    depression. Stories of being rescued from the prison of fear. Stories of breaking loose from destructive
    Joseph Prince Devotional : The Power of Right Believing

    Joseph Prince Devotional October 24, 2017

    I am deeply moved and humbled that God has used my messages, books, and television broadcast
    in some way to help these amazing individuals navigate their way to freedom.
    But not all stories that I’ve come to know have had a happy ending. At least not yet.
    As a pastor, I’ve also encountered many who are still struggling today. Some are bound by severe
    insecurities, trapped by eating disorders, or gripped by constant fears and recurring panic attacks.
    Others have been held captive by years of chronic depression, fighting suicidal thoughts that strip
    them of their ability to function in their everyday lives. There are also those who are caught in a
    destructive cycle of addiction, some to alcohol and others to nicotine, drugs, or pornography. And
    sadly, some of these people are still desperately trying to claw their way out from under the burden of
    more than one of the above.They all long for freedom and have tried everything, including psychological and psychiatric >>  Kenneth Copeland Daily Devotional
    treatments. They have tried exercising their own willpower to the best of their abilities, only to find
    themselves even more entangled in their addictions and insecurities than they were before. Many have
    become financially drained from seeing psychiatrist after psychiatrist, doctor after doctor, counselor
    after counselor, spending thousands of dollars every month on consultation fees. They’ve taken all
    types of antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs, in addition to trying quick fixes of every imaginable
    kind. And they are no better. Joseph Prince Devotional October 24, 2017

    Hearing stories like that always breaks my heart, and I remember asking myself this: What is the
    difference between those who have experienced their breakthroughs and those who are still trapped and bound by toxic emotions and addictions?

    I believe the answer is simple but powerful: their beliefs.

    Joseph Prince Devotional October 24, 2017
    Right believing always produces right living. When you believe right, you will live right.
    You see, people are struggling to control their behaviors and actions because they don’t have
    control over their emotions and feelings. They don’t have control over their emotions and feelings
    because they don’t have control over their thoughts. And they don’t have control over their thoughts
    because they are not controlling what they believe.
    Put simply, if you believe wrong, you will struggle with wrong thoughts. Those wrong thoughts
    will produce unhealthy emotions that will lead to toxic feelings of guilt, shame, condemnation, and fear. And those wrong feelings will ultimately produce wrong behaviors, actions, and painful
    What you believe is critical. And wrong believing is the trigger that starts you on a path of defeat.
    It is what keeps you trapped and drives you deeper and deeper into paralyzing captivity.
    The good news is there is a way out of this vicious cycle of defeat.
    The Power of Right Believing will teach you the powerful truths of God’s Word to believe in His
    love for you. It will show you how God is for you and not against you. It will open your eyes to see
    how He is on your side, rooting for your success and propelling you toward your breakthrough with
    His love and tender mercies.
    In this book, you will learn what God really sees when He looks at you as His beloved child, what it
    means to be completely forgiven, and how to have a confident expectation of good for your future and
    destiny in Christ.

    Joseph Prince Devotional October 24, 2017

    You will read many amazing testimonies from people across America and around the world. Their
    lives were touched and transformed when they encountered the person of Jesus and allowed their
    minds to be renewed with right beliefs about their true identity in Christ.
    To accelerate your learning experience, I have distilled the essence of the power of right believing
    into seven simple but practical keys that you can begin to apply every day in your life. These keys are
    easy and highly effective Bible-based principles that will calibrate your mind to develop positive
    habits for right believing. The seven keys are: Read Daily Devotional Ray Stedman
    Believe in God’s Love for You
    Learn to See What God Sees

    Receive God’s Complete Forgiveness

    Win the Battle for Your Mind
    Be Free from Self-Occupation
    Have a Confident Expectation of Good
    Find Rest in the Father’s Love

    Joseph Prince Devotional October 24, 2017

    My friend, if you are struggling with some of the issues I mentioned earlier, I believe with all of
    my heart that as you set aside some time to read this book, you’ll find inspiration, hope, and
    encouragement to break free from the crippling grip of all that has held you back. I am confident that
    you’ll find the freedom and power you need to live your life to the fullest.
    God intended for you to live with joy overflowing, peace that surpasses understanding, and an
    unshakable confidence in what He has done for you. It’s time to let go of the life of defeat and step
    into a life full of victory, security, and success. Forget about merely dealing with the symptoms—the
    guilt, fears, and addictions.

    We are going after the root! If you can change what you believe, you can
    change your life! Now that is the power of right believing.

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