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    Joseph Prince's Devotional - TOPIC: God Wants to Light Your Way Bible.com

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Joseph Prince Ministries, Joseph Prince's Devotional, God Wants to Light Your Way, October 27, 2017,

    Joseph Prince's Devotional - TOPIC: God Wants to Light Your Way Bible.com

    Now before you dismiss this as yet another book that claims that everything will work itself out if
    only you could think positively, hang on. This is not about human psychology. This is about right
    believing that is birthed out of a very personal and intimate relationship with a loving Savior and
    founded upon His Word that brings life and illumination. The psalmist says it this way: “Your word is
    a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps. 119:105). The Message translation reads, “By your
    words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.”

    Joseph Prince's Devotional - TOPIC: God Wants to Light Your Way Bible.com joseph prince thought for today,

    My friend, God wants to throw a beam of light on your path today. Whatever you are struggling
    with currently, no matter how insurmountable your challenges appear, when you start believing right,
    things are going to start turning around for your good!

    The breakthroughs you have been fighting to have for years can happen in a supernatural instant. I
    know this because I have counseled and prayed for many people who have told me about how their
    years of addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, or pornography just vanished when they allowed Jesus to
    come into their situations. They woke up one morning, and the desire for those things just wasn’t there

    If we’re honest, we all have some measure of wrong believing in our lives. If you don’t believe
    this, all you need to do is ask yourself, “Have I often felt anxious, worried, or fearful that the worst
    would happen to me and my loved ones?” My friend, these negative, exhausting emotions are merely
    flags that indicate what we truly believe about ourselves, our lives, and God.

    When we are fearful and worried all the time, we are living as if we don’t believe that we have a
    strong and able Shepherd who is tenderhearted toward us, who only leads us to good places, who
    protects us and lovingly watches over us. So if worrying or being fearful seems to be your natural
    default mode, what you need to do is to keep hearing and learning about how much God loves you and
    how precious you are to Him. The more strongly you believe this—the more this truth gets a hold on
    the inside of you—the more it will change your thoughts and feelings and the less you will fall victim
    to unhealthy emotions and behaviors.

    In varying degrees, we all have wrong beliefs in our hearts that need to be exposed to the truth of
    God’s Word. That’s why we need the Savior. Our wrong beliefs can only be demolished when they are
    exposed to His grace and the truth of His Word.

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