• Wednesday, 11 October 2017

    Living Faith Church Midweek Sermon Bishop Oyedepo - Engaging the power of the Holy Spirit for conquest

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    Living Faith Church Midweek Sermon -  By Bishop Oyedepo

    Wednesday October 11, 2017: Topic - Engaging the power of the holy spirit for conquest

    We live in an embattled world, Psalms 91:6 we have serpent and scorpion lying on our part. We therefore need to be empowered by the Spirit else we are doomed. 1 John 5:19, if you like run to Asia, Russia, the wicked is there, is a global thing. This symbolizes wickedness, you need empowerment to evade this wicked forces! In the name of Jesus no one of you here will be victim of this wickedness, in Jesus name!

    Engaging the power of the holy spirit for conquest By Bishop David Oyedepo

    Engaging the power of the holy spirit for conquest By Bishop David Oyedepo

    One of our greatest defense of this wickedness is the Holy Spirit, one of the operations of our conquest is the Spirit of boldness, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of boldness. We saw this with Peter, Acts 4:13. They marveled and said this is the replica of Christ. 1 John 5:7 the Holy Spirit still empowers boldness for the battles of life.

    1 Samuel 16:13 17:46 David was empowered and he brought Goliath down.
    Prayer- I course every spirit of fear in everyone life in Jesus Name. Proverbs 30:30, the Lion always prevails, while the Sheep travail the Lion prevails. Hebrews 2:11 no way a Goat can be a Lion, we are likely victims of fear in the battles of life. DO YOU KNOW that Death does not kill but fear, you say "you are dead! " Even when you are not, many innocent believers have become victims of life because of fear.

    A daily passage from the writings of C.S. Lewis Thursday, October 12, 2017

    Judges 7:373.3% returned that showed there fear!
    Prayer- I course the spirit of fear in your life in Jesus Name.
    Hebrews 2:14 fear torments and terminates destiny, fear is an enemy, it takes the spirit of boldness to be free from fear. Most of the diagnosis in your life they just need the spirit of boldness to shake them off. The desease you nourse you have! How you say what you say determine the results. I rejected the spirit of running nose, and it stopped there and then. The Spirit of boldness is your weapon for conquest. You need to grow in power, you need to grow in faith! Acts 4:29, we need boldness to command the supernatural to command conquest in battle we need bodless. It Take a Lion Heart to take the Lion share in the kingdom. Matthew 11:12. Psalms 91:12 
    Engaging the power of the holy spirit for conquest By Bishop David Oyedepo  
     Numbers 11:24, 13:40 the daring Spirit was with him, the Spirit energizes its carrier. If you don't know what to say, say  the spirit at boldness in my prophet I receive it,

    Prayer- Receive that order of conquest in the Name of Jesus.
    We are saved as Sheep, but we are empowered as Lions. Revelation 5:5, V.6 He prevailed under the seven Spirits of God. Our glorious destiny can never be actualize without the spirit of Jesus, and they crossed the Red Sea, when the Spirit of boldness is at work, barriers crumble before you. Engaging the power of the holy spirit for conquest By Bishop David Oyedepo God gave them Manna 40 years, boldness boldness, if we never came to Ota, if we were scared to come we would have never been at this level, you need to be empowered with the Spirit of boldness. God does not speak small small things you need the spirit of boldness to catch up! Somebody's destiny is opening up, and that is your destiny. Matthew 10:16, the Sheep is always on the defensive, Matthew 10:18 Jesus was slaughtered as a sheep and resurrected as a Lion. The Spirit of boldness manifest

    1. Through our tongues, Acts 14:3 Luke 21:15, when you say it and don't doubt it, God is committed to confirm it.

    Approach the throne of God with boldness Jude 1:6 

    Prayer-  Receive your boldness, every Goliath standing on your way, crash right in front of you.
    The last defeat you suffered is the last you will ever suffer in Jesus Name.

    When God speak everything hears- I decree that your tongue shall be a tongue of authority in Jesus Name.

    Wherever you are, and want to receive Jesus, you have only one life to live, you don't have a spare, ask God to come into your life today, In Jesus Name.

    A Loin don't die of deases it die of hunger! You better go and keep alive feed on the word read the scripture, if you don't eat you die! If any body attack you and you have not eaten you die! Many lives are defeated no strenth, but a Lion that is fed, He roars and knows he will prevail, don't take activity for strength. You need strength to roar! Feast on the word. Engaging the power of the holy spirit for conquest By Bishop David Oyedepo

    Lions are not ordained for defeat, but hungry lions are not only defeated but they die! Today marks the end of your struggle for survival, I declare your homes a lions den, well fed lions. Lion feed on fresh meat, Jesus speaks to me daily! That pain stops in the Name of Jesus.

    If you need to rededicate your life to Jesus, say a prayer of commitment to God, and God will empower you today!

    Join us this Sunday! Its our covenant day or Restoration! Don't miss it for anything, visit any Living Faith Church Winners Chapel nearest to you! - Need help? +234 8169 561788

    God bless you Amen. Sermon by Bishop Oyedepo.

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