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    Our Catholic Daily Devotionals October 15, 2017

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Our Catholic Daily Devotionals October 15, 2017


    Scripture Reading: Matthew 22; 1-14

    Let us begin today’s reflection with a song written by an American Medical Missionary Sister Miriam Therese Winter in 1966.
    Our Catholic Daily Devotionals October 15, 2017

     The forth standard of the song goes forth; ‘Now God has written a lesson for the rest of the mankind; if we’re slow at responding, he may live us behind. He’s preparing a banquet for that great and glorious day when the Lord and Master calls us, be certain not to say’. Chorus; ‘I cannot come the banquet, I cannot come to the banquet, don’t trouble me now. I have married a wife; I  have bought me a cow. I have fields and commitments that cost a pretty sum. Pray, hold me excused, I cannot come.’

    The imagery of a wedding banquet turns to a serious message when the man without the proper 
    wedding clothes is not merely thrown out of the wedding banquet, but is bound hand and foot, and cast intp darkness where is weeping  and gnashing of teeth. This is obviously the judgement scene that Jesus repeated so often with this very words. Thus the banquet is the celebration of those who enter the kingdom, and exclusion is the judgement of God for those who refuse the invitation of grace.

    The wedding garment symbolizes a condition of readiness- present possession of true faith in Christ and continued in obedience made possible through the grace of Christ. Christ refers to the man who was not wearing wedding clothes in order to make all of us examine ourselves and ask, “Lord, is it? In summary, there was an invitation to the banquet, but not all who responded to the invitation were allowed to remain. The outcome of this man’s situation informs us of the true meaning of this symbolism.

    the Kingdom of Heaven—true repentance from sin and faith in Christ, and then a commitment to love We have to say that the proper attire would respond to all that Jesus said was required for entrance into and obey the Lord as evidence of saving faith.

    Prayer Points:
    1.       Take the prayer to the Holy Spirit by St. Agustin in AMEN IT IS DONE

    Exercise: Which garment are you putting on?

    Meditation: Rev. 22, 17

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