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    Joseph Prince Devotional for November 7, 2017- THE GOD WHO SEEKS THE SHUNNED

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Joseph Prince Devotional Message for Today November 7, 2017


    She waited patiently until the coast was clear. She didn’t want to run into any of the other women
    who had made it painfully clear to her that her presence was repugnant to them. She could no longer
    stand the gossip, snide remarks, and disapproving eyes. Several weeks ago as she was nearing the well to draw water, the other women, fully aware that she was within earshot, began warning one another to keep their husbands far away from her.

    Joseph Prince The Power of Right Believing

    “She’s a seductress!” one had whispered loudly. “Do you know that she has had five husbands from
    other villages?”
    Another woman had chimed in: “And the man whom she’s living with now is not even her
    Nursing each other’s insecurities, they began to make all kinds of baseless accusations about her.
    “She’s a loose woman!”
    “She’ll steal your husband in a heartbeat.”
    “Don’t you be taken in by her innocent doe eyes and beguiling smile!”

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    This is Daily Devotional, written by Joseph Prince from his book, The Power of Right Believing

    Juicy variations of her “husband stealing” prowess had soon spread throughout the village where
    she lived like a swarm of locusts, devouring every remaining shred of her dignity.
    She had quickly become an outcast in the village. No one dared to befriend her. Since moving
    there, she had tried everything to keep her past under wraps. However, once the news broke, no one
    cared to hear her side of the story. She was pigeonholed as the woman with a shady past. The verdict
    was already in—she was a home wrecker! What else was there to know?
    It had been weeks since she had spoken to anyone. Wild stories about why she had had five
    husbands spread virally through the village grapevine. To insulate herself and avoid further contact
    with the other ladies, she had devised a system. Since all the women would be at the well replenishing
    their water supply in the cool early morning, she would only make her daily visit to the well when the
    sun was at its apex. She would much rather bear the punishing blaze of the midday sun than the heat of
    their scorn and ridicule. Every day since then, she had come quietly to the well, meeting no one at all,
    and faded back into nonexistence after getting her fill of water.
    Unbeknownst to her, on this day, as she was waiting patiently for the sun to rise to its peak, the Sun of righteousness was already by the well waiting for her

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    Joseph Prince Devotional Message for Today November 7, 2017-  THE GOD WHO SEEKS THE SHUNNED

    This is Daily Devotional, written by Joseph Prince from his book, The Power of Right Believing

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