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    Joseph Prince Devotional November 8, 2017 - Fom The Power Of Right Believing 7 Keys

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Devotional by Joseph Prince: Topic - A Savior Who Reaches Out to the Imperfect -  Power Of Right Believing

    You can actually read about this woman in the Gospel of John (see John 4:1–42). When you read her
    story or any story in the Bible, I encourage you to activate your imagination—not to change the
    meaning of the biblical accounts, but to draw out the essence of the details and gems that God has for
    your benefit. Put yourself in the narrative. These characters are not part of a fictional story. They are
    real people, with real challenges and a very real Savior!

     Power Of Right Believing - Joseph Prince Devotional November 8, 2017 - A Savior Who Reaches Out to the Imperfect

    There are no insignificant details in the Bible. It tells us specifically that it was about noon when
    Jesus was at the well waiting for the woman. It also records that Jesus was traveling from Judea to
    Galilee and that “He had to go through Samaria” (John 4:4 NLT, emphasis mine). The New King James
    Version says that “He needed to go through Samaria,” and the King James Version puts it this way:
    “He must needs go through Samaria.”
    Had to. Needed to. Must. Words that speak not just of necessity, but underscore a steady resolve
    and even urgency!
    Jesus’ disciples must have been surprised when He said that He needed to go through Samaria.
    They had never taken that route before to Galilee. It was the custom of the Jews of that day to avoid
    any contact with the Samaritans, whom they perceived to be spiritually inferior. Jesus’ disciples didn’t
    know that He had deliberately scheduled a divine appointment with the woman at the well.

    We know from the account found in John chapter 4 that this ostracized, lonely woman had a life-
    transforming conversation with Jesus at the well. But make no mistake—it wasn’t she who sought out

    Jesus to talk to Him. It was the Savior who pursued the one whom others shunned. Do you know that
    He is still doing that today?
    Do you have a past that you are ashamed of? Are you struggling to overcome something that you
    know is destroying you? Do you feel all alone and that no one understands the pain you are going
    I want you to know that Jesus hasn’t changed. As He was for the Samaritan woman, the loving
    Savior is still your very present help in your time of need (see Ps. 46:1). He knows the suffering,
    shame, and struggles you are going through right now. And even if what you are going through is a
    consequence of bad life choices and mistakes of your own doing, He doesn’t abandon and forsake you.

    No—a thousand times, no! He goes out of the way, just like He did for this woman in Samaria, to have
    a personal appointment with you, to restore and rescue you. The fact that you are reading this right
    now is a confirmation that Jesus is reaching out to you with His love, grace, and forgiveness. My
    friend, this is who Jesus is!

    Jesus is reaching out to you with His love, grace, and forgiveness.- Joseph Prince Devotional November 8, 2017  - Power Of Right Believing

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