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    Read C. S. Lewis Daily - Tuesday, November 14, 2017

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Daily Devotionals by C. S. Lewis  - Tuesday, November 14, 2017

    Where moss grows most. Amidst it came,
    Unearthly sweet, out of the air it seemed,
    A voice singing to the vibrant string,

    Daily Devotionals by C. S. Lewis   November 14, 2017

    Daily Devotionals by C. S. Lewis
    ‘Forget the grief upon the great water,
    Card and compass and the cruel rain.
    Leave that labour; lilies in the green wood
    Toil not, toil not. Trouble were to weave them
    Coats that come to them without care or toil.
    Seek not the seas again; safer is the green wood,
    Lilies that live there have labour not at all,
    Spin not, spin not. Spent in vain the troubles were
    Beauty to bring them that better comes by kind.’

     by C. S. Lewis  From Narrative Poems

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