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    A.W. TOZER - Trials and Pain: Cooperate With the Inevitable - MONDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2017

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    Trials and Pain: Cooperate With the Inevitable
    Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.— Philippians 4:11 A.W. TOZER
    A.W. TOZER

    This idea was once expressed better by a simple-hearted man who was asked how he managed to live in such a state of constant tranquility even though surrounded by circumstances anything but pleasant. His answer was as profound as it was simple: "I have learned," he said, "to cooperate with the inevitable."... A.W. TOZER

    Though we cannot control the universe, we can determine our attitude toward it. We can accept God's will wherever it is expressed and take toward it an attitude of worshipful resignation. If my will is to do God's will, then there will be no controversy with anything that comes in the course of my daily walk. Inclement weather, unpleasant neighbors, physical handicaps, adverse political conditions—all these will be accepted as God's will for the time and surrendered to provisionally, subject to such alterations as God may see fit to make, either by His own sovereign providence or in answer to believing prayer. Born After Midnight, pp. 64-65 A.W. TOZER

    "How can I complain in the light of the worderful gift of Your Son, born to give life-and victory? Work Your will in my life today as I celebrate the incarnation and all that it entails. Amen."

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