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    HIS PRINCESS EVERY DAY Devotional for Women - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2017

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Everyday Devotional for Women  HIS PRINCESS Today - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2017

    Everyday Devotional for Women

    My Princess, Everyday Devotional for Women

    Life is a journey and There will always be two roads before you, My love. The popular road is easy, its bumps worn smooth by the wandering crowds. This road appears safe simply because so many have already ventured around its curves and shuffled down into its valleys. What the crowds don’t understand is that this road is filled with regret and guilt, and it ultimately leads to death. This is the road that leads away from Me, your King. If you find yourself on the wrong path, don’t lose heart—just cry out to Me and I will find you.

     I won’t join you on this destructive detour, but I will lead you back to the road that leads to life again—the road your feet were created to walk on. Throughout My Word you will find signposts that will give you wisdom and direction. So keep reading and walking, My princess, and you will begin to discover the real joy of the journey of life.

    Love,Everyday Devotional for Women

    Your King and the Way, the Truth, and the Life

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