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    Daily Devotions - In Touch Ministries - Always Be Ready January 07, 2018

    Prophecies for 2018 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

    Daily Devotions - In Touch Ministries - Always Be Ready January 07, 2018

    2 Timothy 4:1-5

    Unbelievers have a right to ask us what we believe and why we believe it. And we have the responsibility to provide them with sound reasons. Therefore, we must be prepared at all times to patiently share what we know about Jesus.
    Daily Devotions - In Touch Ministries

    Daily Devotions - In Touch Ministries

    Apologetics (from the Greek apo meaning “from” and logia, “sayings”) is a branch of theology devoted to defending biblical truths. Christianity rests on a foundation of far more than hope; believers have a blessed assurance based on the eternal truth of the living God. Therefore, we should always be ready to make a defense, state reasons, and give an account for the faith we have (1 Peter 3:15).

    Some people have beliefs that are not necessarily the truth, and yet they feel strongly about what they’ve been taught. Many of them are part of the sizable percentage of our society that has no regard for the Word of God. As you have probably discovered, we cannot make a person believe what he doesn’t want to believe.
    So if we encounter individuals like this, it’s wise to let them first see how we live. Then, perhaps, they will be more open to hearing about our beliefs. Daily Devotions - In Touch Ministries

    But here’s a word of warning: Hypocrisy is easy to spot, so make sure your lifestyle aligns with your professed convictions. If people see that your walk doesn’t match your talk, they will reject God’s truth. They know that if what you claim to believe really worked, you’d be living by it.

    The Word of God is trustworthy—so live a life consistent with Scripture, for your own sake as well as for those you hope to reach with the gospel.

    Daily Devotions - In Touch Ministries

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